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Educational Programs

Educational Programs

Colour Your World

A Magical Exploration of Diversity Colour Your World takes the serious topic of diversity and presents it in a fun and magical way. Your students will learn conflict resolution, dealing with bullying, and accepting differences. They’ll learn about sign language, Braille, and what it might be like to have different abilities and disabilities.

The color of our skin, eyes, hair, and clothes make each of us unique. Our religions, beliefs, customs, and diets may be different. We may celebrate different holidays and even speak different languages. But, through understanding and tolerance, we can all live together even if we don’t always agree.

This touching and heart-felt program is a GREAT way to kick off the school year by reminding students how to treat each other with respect. For this reason it is very popular in August and September (but great anytime your kids need to be reminded about these critical issues). If you are interested in beginning the year with a program that sets the stage of expectations, you may want to reserve your risk-free, no-obligation, cancel-anytime reservation at least 6 months in advance.

Like all of ours programs, Colour Your World has a heavy emphasis on reading and encourages children to further explore their diverse interests through the many opportunities available in the library. As with any program, booking schools will receive posters to help promote the show, master hand outs for the children, and free consultations on lesson plan development incorporating the concepts covered in the program.


This is a program developed specifically S1 & S2 students. It takes the abstract concepts of statistics, determining probability, and multiplying fractions and presents them in a way that is compelling, exciting, memorable and FUN! What are the odds of reaching into a shuffled deck of cards, grabbing four of them and having them be the four aces? First we calculate the statistical probability of such a feat and then one of YOUR STUDENTS comes up to attempt the feat!

How many combinations exist for a shuffled deck of cards? Would you believe that there are more combinations for a shuffled deck of cards than there are atoms in our entire galaxy?

I’ll prove it and then I’ll do a trick that has even slimmer odds of success. Statistics has never been this fun!

Work Smarter: The Simple Machines Workshop

This hands-on workshop allows learners to handle wheels, pulleys, levers, wedges, incline planes and screws in a way that makes abstract concepts “concrete” (yes, the pun was intended!).

Our Professional Presenter comes in dressed as a construction worker, but the children from the audience are the ones who do the work. Your tactile learners will come to life as they help figure out how to lift a 25 kilo(approx) bucket of rocks with a 2.5 kilo weight, and why a wedge is such a handy tool. Using levers your youngest students will be able to easily accomplish feats that NO human being can accomplish bare handed.

This is a presentation that will be remembered and talked about for a VERY long time. Teachers will have no problem tieing lessons into the subjects taught. And because the program also promotes reading and media center resources, it is a program that everyone appreciates! Throughout the program, the kids learn how simple machines help us “Work Smarter, Not Harder.”

The Artic Express

This holiday season treat the kids to a program that’s trainloads of fun, filled with puppets, magic, storytelling, music, and audience participation. This imaginary train ride magically takes kids around the world to learn about winter holidays like: Diwali, Kwanzaa, Solstice, Lunar New Year, Ramadan, Hanukkah and of course, Christmas. Yes, the program is educationally significant (Our staff can’t help themselves, after almost a hundred years of combined classroom teaching experience, they are obsessed with creating the most educational programs available without compromising entertainment value), and yes, the program strongly encourages children to read. But don’t think for a minute that the show is anything less than sheer delight for everyone, including teachers and staff. When you hear the sleigh bell ring at the end of the show, you won’t be the only one to wipe a tear from your eye. This is a show children will remember for the rest of their lives.

The Wild West Reading Show

The Wild West Reading Show is guaranteed to have your kids roaring with laughter at the antics of Roosevelt Rat and David Hopperfield. The adventure begins when David Hopperfield, (a “magic” bunny rabbit) is accidentally transported back in time. Only by unlocking the secrets of the library will the audience be able to save the bunny. The children will laugh at the antics of Roosevelt Rat (a puppet), and will be amazed as David Hopperfield the Magic Bunny “disappears” from the “time machine” and suddenly appears in an old photograph. They will remember getting to help draw the faces of historical figures in Texas history like Sam Houston and the notorious pirate Jean Lafitte. They will REALLY remember when their drawings come to life and begin talking to them with voices from the past. They will learn how to “talk” to people from the past through biographies, how to learn about places all over the world through geography books, and how to travel through time using historical novels and science fiction. And because they are INVOLVED in the magic and stories, the lessons will be retained. The Wild West Reading Program is “Wanted” by a lot of librarians. To ensure you don’t get left out, you need to book early.

ThinkGreenposterThe Think Green Show

When recycling seems to be something that is becoming more the norm we show children how they can think green in almost every single way in life from reducing the use of items suitable only for landfill to reusing and repurposing things people look at as junk and recycling there drinks cans and so much more. Mr Green(James Kennedy) has a fun way of entertaining and educating all at the same time the kids will never believe that this is education but you can rest assured the will retain almost every with the hilarious and magical way its presented.


Fun in the Jungle  The Animal Magic Show

Imagine teaching your kids all about animals on a magical jungle adventure with Amazing James. The cool way James will interweave fun facts about animals and some of the special skills they have is truly magical.