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Fund Raising Events

Fund Raising Events

A few packages James offers for your fund raising events:

Fund Raising Events

Family Fun Nights

Family fun nights are always a good way to bring families in touch with each other and create a little more funds for the P.T.A or any other worthwhile cause . We can supply you with a complete family night that will keep the little ones amused as much as the parents. Here is a typical family nights entertainment.

Disco music from present day back to the 70’s
Games & Competitions
Magic Show
Balloon Modeling
Plate spinning

For more information on a tailored entertainment program for your family night just call.

Fund Raising Events

Race Night

Race nights have always been a favourite for fund raising evenings . Coupled with a small buffet & disco can make for a great fun and a lucrative evening with non stop action wait to you hear your friends screaming for their horses.

(This package includes access to a how to guide and other fundraising materials).

Fund Raising Events

Casino Nights

Again just like the race nights these can raise some serious funds but they have a much more classy feel to them as people usually get dressed up and get really into whole casino royale evening.

This tied in with a close up magician really makes a night to remember.

Fund Raising Events

Stars In Your Eyes

Have you ever wanted to be apart of the showbiz lifestyle? Well this night is great if you have a really fun group who are prepared to get in and have tons of fun. This night we take up to ten members of the committee and make them the stars of the show usually most of the contestants get there own outfits but we can supply them if required.

There is nothing better than seeing friends & family on stage dressed to impress and singing there heart out. For more detailed information on how we do this please call.