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Fun Stuff

Welcome to the fun stuff page where I will be adding cool tricks and other fun stuff to keep you amused. I will be looking for lots of cool things to put a smile.PRINTABLE---Preview
Click the link below to print out your cool card trick.

The 52 on 1 Card Trick

This is a great comedy trick as you can do it 2 ways. Firstly you can tell someone to think of a card and then you can say you have one card in your hand and there card is on it then you reveal all 52 cards on the back of the card. One you learn how to force a card you can use the other version and one card is turned over and it will be there chosen card that you forced on them. Have fun and print the two pdf files out below.



The Princess Card Trick


This is a great trick that is based on an internet trick when one of friends concentrates on one card and when you turn the card over there card will have dissapeared. Both sides of the cards have completely different cards but as your friend is only concentrating in one so they don’t notice the rest have changed too.


Magic Numbers


Magic numbers is a great mathmatical trick when you download and print all the cards you ask your helper to pick any number on a card. Then you ask them to give you all the cards with that number on it you then can tell them quickly what number they chose by simply counting up the top right corner numbers on all the cards you have.




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