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James Kennedy-Hypnotist

James Kennedy-Hypnotist

James Kennedy-Hypnotist

James Kennedy, entertainer Glasgow, entertainer Scotland, and stage hypnotist Glasgow, will certainly be a hit with his artful and clever abilities to fascinate and mesmerize your family and friends with his spellbinding entertainment.

For over 20 years, James studied hypnosis. His ability to professionally entertain internationally for over 15 years is a remarkable accomplishment attesting to his talent for astounding and perplexing tens of thousands.

The professionals and the public continuously ask James how he always achieves great shows. He lets them know that the most important factor is never embarrassing anyone, being business professional, and never being too serious, while covering all the basic premises. The critical balance must be maintained for ensuring all goes according to his plan.

James has been re-booked with countless companies owing to his professional methodology, attention to detail and discriminating awareness. With his first-class approach and a amazingly high success rate, James continues to be re-booked by many event planners. Additionally, companies book James as a consultant for event themes where he provides new concepts for them.

Ordinary Hypnotist versus James Kennedy

The ordinary hypnotists attempt to entertain. Conversely, James Kennedy is a magnificent entertainer who is also a hypnotist. With his dual ability James is highly sought after.

Most hypnotherapist’s have a background in psychology and are no-nonsense, somber and subdued by nature. James is a hypnotic entertainer, studied hypnosis, and is an absolutely competent and qualified hypnotherapist who fully understands stage hypnosis completely.

Being a kids’ magician Glasgow and close up magician Glasgow, James is the spirit energy and life force of parties and events. James’ incredibly entertaining routines that he creates, plus his long-standing routines together with his sidesplitting comedy are bar none. No two shows are ever the same. His shows can flow from the unknown to out-and-out bizarre. James finds laughter in all circumstances by working with audience volunteers rather than opposing them. Thus, the volunteers become shining stars at his events!

Because unethical and unscrupulous people have tried to pass as authentic stage hypnotists, people have doubts about being involved in hypnosis shows. After James’ shows, people let him know they wished they had volunteered but did not for fear of intimidation and exploitation.

With a strong commitment about his show being entertaining, it will never be a hurtful event causing injury or humiliation to anyone. His shows are age appropriate with the audience’s viewpoint in mind and therefore discriminatingly performed. James’ pirate parties Glasgow, wedding magician Glasgow, wedding DJ Glasgow, balloon modelling Glasgow, plus children’s wedding DJ, Scotland, are some of his many talents for your parties and shows.

Customized Performance

Private companies want programs custom tailored with company jargon and company-specific topics. Please call James and let him know your desires, and he can create your show.

James Kennedy-HypnotistAvailable Options

Stand-alone Hypnosis Show

There is no public address (PA) equipment used. James will supply the CD/ipod. The venue is required to provide the DJ and sound system (minimum 1000 watts). For approximately 90 minutes, this is perfect as an addition to a full night of great entertainment.

Self-contained Hypnosis Show

For a small club/pub, this show is the ultimate and 150 people can be entertained with the PA system. James provides his iPod for music and other things he needs.

Magic and Mystery Show

James will play background music while he does strolling magic around your venue. His hilarious comedy hypnosis show follows.

Hypno Disco

The disco gets the audience going before the show. The DJ will have the audience dancing after the hypnosis show. This interactive show is sure to please.

E-mail or call James with your location for your special show in your area. James will contact the establishment to perform there just for you.