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Older Kids Parties

Older Kids Parties

Have you noticed there comes a time and age with your youngsters that can be challenging where magic shows are rejected yet they are too young for a nice meal?

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8 to Teens

These parties are for big kids between 8 and 13:

kids karaoke party

Kids’ Karaoke Party (2 hours)

In our state-of-the art karaoke system, we have all the latest music charts. Having kamikaze rounds, boys sing competing with the girls to see which group is the loudest with the loudest winning a prize. With James’ other contests, kids and parents alike, wonder where the time has gone enjoying the program so much.

Kids krazy disco

Kids’ Krazy Disco (2 hours)

All kids want to look super cool these days to impress their friends. Boys think dancing is not cool, or so they think. James removes the element of “cool” and provides a mini concert (as parents describe). Our DJ and Children’s Entertainer dancing with the kids doing the coolest dances, including a sing along, will be performed by James for fun for all. The kids all take part in the singing contests for prizes to be won. In the middle of the party, food is provided so that the party animals can get their wind back.

Kids karaoke/disco party

Kids’ Karaoke/Disco Party (2 hours)

This party combines Krazy Disco and Karaoke/Disco parties with all the disco lights and games. With the karaoke offering more contests and prizes, all the kids will win something.

Tattoos and music

Tattoos and Music (2 hours)

Magic shows are just not cool any longer for the older kids. It’s now hard to fool the older ones with magic acts, right mom?

You can treat them instead to a temporary tattoo party. Up to 25 kids can have three tattoos each. The latest chart music will play simultaneously in the background. The latest party dances will be conducted by James for sidesplitting laughter and entertainment.

Please feel welcome to send us an e-Mail, or call us with your questions for arranging your next great adventure with our parties and events. We are delighted to give you a hand in any way possible for an amusing time with Children’s Entertainer Glasgow. Our mission is to provide special and unique events for children and family alike.