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Pirate Parties

Pirate Parties

Captain Jim’s Pirate Party

Do you wonder what type of party to have for your child? Something different, entertaining, interactive and loads of fun? A party theme the kids find not boring yet different and exciting is what you want, and this party will keep the kids interested. Your kids are important and to mark their birthday with this unique party is one they will remember forever.

When considering a theme for your child’s party, be it birthday, a special event, or just a kid friendly get together, consider Captain Jim’s Pirate Party for the occasion. Captain Jim will appear in authentic pirate clothes and hat. All the kids can dress up in pirate costumes. They could even have the other kids walk the plank. Captain Jim provides plenty of activities and interactive games for this extravagant party theme. This will indeed be a time to remember. Everyone loves to have their pictures taken with Captain Jim and they are available for your memories. Or take a few disposable cameras so everyone can take pictures giving cameras to the parents of each child for developing and sharing of pictures.

The Golden 2-hour Pirate Party will intrigue your child by every means provided by Captain Jim. The kids are the gleaming stars in this show.

Captain Jim, entertainer Scotland, children’s entertainer Glasgow, kids magician Glasgow, and kids’ pirate parties, will provide temporary Tattoos for every child (up to 30 kids) for an authentic “feel” of piracy. What a thrill for the kids.

Pirate themed games, music, and activities will be included by Captain Jim, children’s entertainer Glasgow. for a thrilling, giggly time for the kids that will always be remembered.

The Pirate Magic show produced from an empty treasure chest will have the kids on the edge of their seats. This is astonishing and mind-blowing in itself. The audience will love the intrigue as well.

Every child will have a balloon sword specifically made by Captain Jim for the final pirate battle. Imagine the “fighting” that will happen with these cute play swords. The kids love the entanglement and fun time and will be rolling and laughing on the floor. No one gets hurt and the audience is laughing the entire time watching their kids have so much fun.

Exciting booty will be a delight when won by the pirate kids. Captain Jim will provide the booty that the kids will share. What a great time for all!

Printable Pirate Party Invitations are available at the website. Click here and print out in black and white or colour.

Any theme within your budget will be created by Captain Jim for the ultimate theme party for you and your children. Please contact us with an E-mail or phone call to review ideas and planning. We are always here to help you with your party solutions. The kids will never stop talking about Captain Jim’s Pirate Party for years to come and you parents will remember the grand time your kids and you had.