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Spooky Magic Party

Spooky Magic Party

The Really Spooky Magic Party

Weary with finding a birthday party theme that is not the same old parties for your child’s birthday, the most important time of the year for them? Do you reminisce about your childhood party times that are in your memory for a lifetime?

This Really Spooky Magic Party is just the thing with its terrifying, spine chilling and fun performance. It doesn’t have to be Halloween time for this super entertaining event presented by James Kennedy, entertainer Scotland, children’s entertainer Glasgow, and kids magician Glasgow.

To start off, James has all the kids separate into four howling groups for the games segment. The groups are: the spooky Mummies, Skeletons, Monsters and furry Werewolves. Imagine this group of youngsters—it must be a touch of not too scary. Being very kid friendly and extremely exciting and amusing for everyone, this themed party is sure to please. After this portion of the party is finished, a few team games will be played for no tricks—just sweet treats. Traditional games will be played next with a slight difference such as Pass the Rat and Musical Monsters. After all that nightmarish fun it’s time for the cake and a fiendish feast for a ghoulish good time.

Our Magic show is creative with your children in mind. It is not ordinary, yet professional and interactive for the entire family.

The haunting Really Spooky Magic show will be set up while the kids are eating their feast. The Mad Monk will arrive after the feast. With all of the spooky magic effects, this show has spooky merriment for everyone. Don’t lose your head over this one—the Guillotine, the very special last effect, permits the kids to rest their tired-out heads. Or, the kids can volunteer their parents or friends for an above the neck checkup! Kids and parents alike will be howling about this party for years. And those werewolves—they just might howl at the moon. Anytime of the year is time for a spooky haunted party. The kids love a reason for getting dressed up fancy and this party is just the place for your kids to dress fancy, cute, or ghoulish. They will shriek with delight truly thrilled with this eerie bash.

The show has spirited spooky decorations that will be an exciting adventure for kids and the audience.

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