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Workshops for Older Kids

Workshops for Older Kids

As a working professional entertainer for 15 years I have been asked how I do almost all of my skills and do I ever teach it? The answer for a long time was no but now I have put together a few workshops that lets complete beginners a chance to learn the basic foundations to give them a taste of what I do.

Magic Workshop

This workshop is suitable for 7 years to 70 the magic is diverse and very easy to learn giving the younger trainee’s as much fun as the older ones. The effects I teach are used with regular things you would find lying around the home therefore enforcing the fact that you dont always have to spend a fortune on expensive toys or magic props to do amazing tricks.

These workshops have been taught at birthday parties, nursing homes and with groups with disabilities. 2 hr workshop is £225 for up to 30 participants this fee includes all props and materials that will be used in the workshop. These props are theres to keep after the workshop.

Balloon Modelling/ Plate Spinning Workshop

This work shop can be basics in both or up to intermediate on one teaching all the fun of the fair. Having the skills to pull a balloon out of you pocket and make a dog for a friend or loved one is priceless and is a skill worth having.

On this workshop you will be taught all the basic twists and bends from a simple balloon dog to even a semi advanced reindeer.

Yo Yo Workshop

Yo Yo’s have been popular from the seventies and even more popular now. All the children will be given there very own spinner yo yo and taught how to do some really cool moves like getting a really good spin to work on the tricks. Tricks Like: Walking the dog, Rock the baby, Eating Spaghetti and a few more!

This workshop is upto 20 kids additional children will be charged at £5 this fee will include thier yo yo.

Plate Spinning

Plate Spinning does what it says on the tin 🙂 The hardest thing is getting the momentum right once you have that you will be spinning plates on your finger throwing them in the air and catching them on a stick in no time at all. Even balancing the spinning plate on the stick at the tip of your finger you will look like a seasoned pro after an hour or two!